Non Executive Direction

Lambourn Associates - Non Executive DirectionLambourn Associates provides non executive direction for medical device companies and their investors, mainly private equity firms.

A Non Executive Director is a member of the Board of Directors of a company but does not form part of the executive management team. The NED is not an employee of the company or affiliated with it in any other way. They are differentiated from other directors who are members of the board also serving as executive managers of the company.





A Non Executive Directors has responsibility for:

  • Strategy- NED’s should constructively challenge and contribute to strategy development
  • Performance- NED’s should scrutinise the performance of management

A Non Executive Director should also provide an independent view on:

  • Resources
  • Appointments
  • Standards of Conduct

A Non Executive Director is the custodian of the governance process, not involved in the day-to-day running of the business but monitoring the executive activity and contributing to the development of strategy.

Non executive directors can be extremely valuable to any company. This is because they are not wrapped up in the day-to-day running of the business. A non executive director can, therefore, step back from the stress of everyday business life and see things from a different perspective. They can provide a vital strategic overview.

Some companies require non executive directors to see them through a corporate transition such as a change of ownership. The non executive director may bring highly specialised knowledge invaluable to a company going through a flotation, relocation, rebuilding programme or strategic alliance.


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