Interim Management

Lambourn Associates- Interim ManagementLambourn Associates provides interim management for medical device companies and their investors, mainly private equity firms.

Interim Management is a short-term executive solution with long-term benefits for organisations and businesses going through change. It has become an established executive resource strategy for enterprises in the private and public sector. Many businesses now view interim management as a cost-effective and positive way to obtain highly specialised and valuable leadership skills at a time when they are needed most. These skills can have an instrumental effect on a company’s sustainability, growth and survival.






Interim Management uses include:

  • Implementation of change programmes
  • Covering the sudden departure of key people
  • Turnaround requiring experienced senior management input
  • Filling management skill gaps within the organisation

Interim Management offers major benefits:

  • Speed- Interim management is normally in place within days
  • Experience- The interim manager will be qualified and have past experience of similar issues
  • Results- Interim managers are used to being judged by results so know how to deliver
  • Objectivity- Interim management is not constrained by politics, protocols or personalities
  • Knowledge Transfer- Interim managers transfer significant skill and experience to the team
  • Accountability- Interim managers are responsible line managers who deliver results
  • Effectiveness- Interim Managers have the authority to effect change or transition
  • Delivery- Interim Managers counsel the Board but also deliver the strategy

Lambourn Associates provides interim management solutions for organisations undergoing major change, trying to implement a critical strategy or looking to plug a critical management gap.

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