About Us

About Us - Lambourn AssociatesLambourn Associates Limited is a consultancy in medical devices offering specialist advice, interim management and non executive direction for medical device companies and their investors, mainly private equity firms. 

Lambourn Associates was founded by Galvin Mould who has extensive experience in international sales, marketing and general management in a number of leading medical device companies. Click here to view a detailed CV.

Galvin Mould is a consultant specialising in IP and innovative technology commercialisation. He works with private equity/ venture capitalists and entrepreneurs/ start up medical device companies to accelerate new product marketing. He has also been involved with a number of medical device company acquisitions, offering commercial due diligence to new investors.

Galvin is also experienced in interim management and is a Non Executive Director in the medical device sector. He is affiliated to a number of consultancy groups such as IPEG and Gerson Lehrman Group with whom he has worked on a number of projects.

Lambourn Associates provides confidential assistance to medical device companies in:

  • Business Plan Preparation
  • Business Plan Implementation 
  • Business Performance Improvement 
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Review 
  • Marketing Direction

Lambourn Associates also provides confidential assistance to private equity investors in:

  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Business Plan Appraisal
  • Strategic Advice 
  • Non Executive Direction 

Lambourn Associates initially engages in discussion with potential clients and provides a proposal for the project required. Please complete the short enquiry form on the Contact Us page to start this process or call us.